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Google My Business Listing & Ranking Service is indeed a very good solution for all those people who are new to Google and still need some kind of guidance. This service is surely a great help for all those people who are still unfamiliar with the working of Google and still need all the help they can get on Google Places. The best part of this service is that it will also help you in increasing your Google Places ranking.

Google My Business is a unique feature of Google that provides the option to users to sign up and get verified. If the application is not filled out properly, then Google My Business will not consider the application as approved. Google Verified Business has verification service for small and medium businesses. Before using Google My Business, it is essential to ensure that the site is not fake. There are several ways by which one can be verified by Google. The verification system verifies the business address, contact details, type of products or services offered, payment options, etc. Once you are approved for the verification, the business name appears in Google map.

share2all is an award-winning business listing and ranking service that helps small businesses & large Business and find their way to the top of the search engine results. As a result of this Google ranking, many small businesses & large Business have grown to comprise majority of the business on the internet. But this does not mean that all businesses are created equal. Each has to present a unique and effective website to achieve high rankings.